Installing a Generator

Why You Should Invest in a Backup Generator Today!

While we enjoy the warm weather, the sandy beaches, and the friendly people, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows for us Floridians. We also have our share of tropical storms and power outages, and that is why it is so important to look into getting a backup generator installed at your home or business.

The greatest aspect about these generators is that the benefits are endless, and the cost may be less than you think.

What is the Deal with Generators?

Basically, a generator is a safety net for those unfortunate power outages. When your power gets knocked out, the generator kicks in and takes care of the problem, streaming electricity into your home so you can go on with life with little interruption to your regular activities.

How Can Generators Help Me During Power Outages?

Generators can be a lifesaver during any instance where your home loses electricity, and they can save you from missing out on essential conveniences. If your power went out during an unbearably hot day, for example, the generator would take effect and get your air conditioning going again.

Other devices such as televisions and computers can also sustain significant damage during a power outage as the sudden loss of power can give the device a dangerous jolt. The seamless power provided by a generator can save you the loss of these machines.

Generators Can Avoid Costs You Never Considered

Depending on the severity of a storm, a power outage can last hours or even days, and this is when the unforeseen costs can come into play. After a day of lost power, the food in your refrigerator can go bad, and the refrigerator itself could be damaged.

As the outage continues, you may have to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights, the costs of which can really add up. This outage could also cause your septic pump to malfunction, which could lead to additional unwanted remodeling costs.

A generator can help you to avoid all of these mounting costs and inconveniences. Put your mind at ease and call B&D Electric today for a free assessment and estimate on a generator system for your home or business.

How Can I Save Money on my Generator?

When installation and the price of a new generator are tallied up, the cost can be a little heavy on the wallet. Luckily, there is a way that you could potentially get your generator installed for less, and it all stems from your insurance company.

Call your insurer and ask if they offer a “loss mitigation credit,” which is an item listed on many homeowner’s insurance policies.

In essence, insurance companies don’t like to pay out on claims, and if you have a device, such as a generator, installed in your home, it reduces your chance of having damage that could lead to a claim. The loss mitigation credit could save you hundreds of dollars on your generator installation.

B&D Electric is your local source for generator installs. We partner with Kohler Generators to bring you the best backup power that money can buy, and our installation services won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Contact us at 352-472-1966 today, and let’s get your home or business ahead of the power outage curve.